Student Development Workshops

The ASAPA-PAST Student Development Workshop (SDW) has shown itself to be an invaluable step in the lives of aspiring archaeologists. The aim of the workshop is to bring students together from around the SADC region and teach them invaluable skills not taught in a university lecture theatre.

The idea was conceived by Dr Tim Forssman and Dr Matt Lotter in 2011 while, as students, they attended an ASAPA conference and felt there was a gap to include students and their needs in order to have a successful career. They thus developed the workshop, which has been held every year since 2013 and has introduced those who have attended it to the various elements of requirements of different archaeological careers. For students to have a platform and event that includes them has motivated many in continuing their careers as they are able to get a glimpse of what it actually means to be an archaeologist, as well as creating important networks among future researchers.