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Chair: Mariette Harcombe

Mariette Harcombe is a Masters graduate in Ancient Near Eastern Studies and is currently busy with her PhD in the same discipline at the University of South Africa. Her research focuses on the non-destructive analysis if ancient Egyptian bronzes using nuclear imaging techniques. She also holds an Honours degree in Archaeology and served as a junior lecturer in UNISA’s department of Anthropology and Archaeology for two years (2009-2010). She is an Editorial Assistant at UNISA Press and specializes in plagiarism detection and journal management.




Treasurer: Nandi Masemula

I am a PhD candidate in Archaeology at the University of Cape Town. My research is focused on applying carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis on sorghum grains cultivated by contemporary indigenous agriculturalists in The Kingdom of eSwatini. I also wish to understand the indigenous knowledge (IK) that is employed by said individuals in order to establish a link between indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) in the farming practices of agriculturalists, and how it translates isotopically. The link between IK and stable isotope analysis is important as both approaches are influenced by environmental factors. My main interests are finding new ways to reconcile western knowledge and indigenous knowledge for a richer means by which to answer archaeological enquiries, as well as community inclusion and involvement in archaeological discourse.

SecretaryKelita Shadrach

I am a Wenner-Gren Wadsworth African Fellow and am currently completing my PhD in archaeology at the University of the Witwatersrand. My research is focused on studying Earlier Stone Age technological practices to understand human cognitive evolution in South Africa between 2.18 and 0.3 million years ago. I also utilise geoarchaeological methods to understand the context of the artefacts I analyse. In my position on the SAASC, I have the opportunity to lead a dialogue among students, researchers and communities about archaeology, and challenge the mind-set of academic exclusion of the public. Furthermore, I think that academia in South Africa needs to be more racially and gender inclusive. I hope to help change the established institutional dynamic.



Events organizer: Cherene de Bruyn

Cherene de Bruyn is a hardworking Archaeologist who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task she undertakes. She completed her BA General, BA Honours (Archaeology) and a BSc Honours (Physical Anthropology) at the University of Pretoria. In 2014, she was placed at the Forensic Anthropological Research Centre, Pretoria as part of the DST-NRF Internship Programme. In 2016 she received the British High Commissions Chevening Scholarship to complete her Master’s degree in Archaeology at University College London, UK. She is skilled in excavating and analysing archaeological artefacts such as pottery and skeletal human remains. She has an interest in Egyptian, African and burial archaeology. Cherene is a motivated individual who gained relevant professional experience in the heritage sector through Internships as well as through volunteering on archaeological projects.


Workshop coordinator: Antoine Rossouw

I am currently finishing a Masters in Archaeology at the University of Pretoria. Though my current project involves Iron Age ceramic studies and stylistic and use-alteration analyses, my main interest in archaeology include weapons and warfare throughout history and across the world. I believe that through Student Development Workshops and other outreach programs hosted by the SAASC, all participants can grow their list of contacts, as networking is in my opinion of extreme importance for any student looking to take their studies further or head out into their respective fields.








 Social Media: Lesiba Phahladira

Lesiba hails from Limpopo Province of South Africa. Currently, Lesiba is studying towards his BA Honours in Archaeology at Wits University. He is interested in Historical archaeology, community archaeology, rock art studies, heritage management and farming communities.





SADC Representative: Énio Tembe

Énio Tembe graduated in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management at Eduardo Mondlane University in 2018. His dissertation entitled A Idade da Pedra no Sul de Moçambique: Enquadramento Tecno-tipológico do espólio arqueológico do Abrigo Rochoso de Caimane (Daimane), província de Maputo, problematizes the generalization of the typologies of the lithic instruments found in this rock shelter, and provides hypotheses for the framing of these instruments, comparing them with other archaeological sites in Southern Africa. In 2015, he attended a semester in the course of Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Heritage at the Federal University of Minas Gerais – Brazil. He has experience in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management with activities in Mozambique, South Africa, Lesotho, Brazil and France. Currently, his research focuses on the preparation of a bibliography of studies on Archaeology, carried out in Mozambique in the colonial and post-colonial period.

Contact: secretary@saasc.co.za

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